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Design, Synthesis and In-Vitro Biological Activity of Some New 1,3-Thiazolidine-4-One Derivatives as Chemotherapeutic Agents Using Virtual Screening Strategies


Pragya Nayak* and Monica Kachroo  


A series of new heteroaryl thiazolidine-4-one derivatives were designed and subjected to in-silico prioritization using various virtual screening strategies. Two series of thiazolidinone derivatives were synthesized and screened for their in-vitro antitubercular, anticancer, antileishmanial and antibacterial (Staphylococcus aureus; Streptococcus pneumonia; Escherichia coli; Pseudomonas aeruginosa) activities. The compounds with electronegative substitutions exhibited positive antitubercular activity, the derivatives possessing a methyl substitution exhibited good inhibitory response against breast cancer cell line MCF-7 while the compounds possessing a hydrogen bond acceptor site like hydroxyl and methoxy substitution in their structures exhibited good in-vitro antileishmanial activity. Some compounds exhibited potent activity against gram positive bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa as compared to the standards. Altogether, the designed compounds exhibited good in-vitro anti-infective potential which was in good agreement with the in-silico predictions and they can be developed as important lead molecules for anti-infective and chemotherapeutic drug research.


In silico drug design, thiazolidinone, antitubercular, antibacterial, antileishmanial


Al Ameen College of pharmacy, Bangalore, Al Ameen College of pharmacy, Bangalore

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