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Lemont B. Kier: A Bibliometric Exploration of his Scientific Production and its Use

[ Vol. 9 , Issue. 4 ]


Guillermo Restrepo, Eugenio J. Llanos and Adriana E. Silva   Pages 491 - 505 ( 15 )


We thought an appropriate way to celebrate the seminal contribution of Kier is to explore his influence on science, looking for the impact of his research through the citation of his scientific production. From a bibliometric approach the impact of Kier’s work is addressed as an individual within a community. Reviewing data from his curriculum vitae, as well as from the ISI Web of Knowledge (ISI), his role within the scientific community is established and the way his scientific results circulate is studied. His curriculum vitae is explored emphasising the approaches he used in his research activities and the social ties with other actors of the community. The circulation of Kier’s publications in the ISI is studied as a means for spreading and installing his discourse within the community. The citation patterns found not only show the usage of Kier’s scientific results, but also open the possibility to identify some characteristics of this discursive community, such as a common vocabulary and common research goals. The results show an interdisciplinary research work that consolidates a scientific community on the topic of drug discovery.


Bibliometrics, discourse community, drug design, Lemont B. Kier, topological descriptors, scientific community.


Interdisciplinary Research Institute, Universidad de Pamplona, Bogotá, Colombia.

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